Welcome to the website of the Friends of the Village Club of Laguna Woods Village, Laguna Woods, California. Our objective is to promote our lifestyle to individuals inside and outside our community and to involve the residents by giving them correct information, so they can make intelligent and constructive decisions about the present and future of the Village.

We hope support a positive atmosphere and attitude about Laguna Woods Village both inside and outside of the community.


The purpose of the Friends of the Village Club is to promote Laguna Woods Village.

Friends of the Village was conceived as a non-profit organization to involve as many residents as possible to work together to promote a positive image of our community within and outside of Laguna Woods Village.

We explore ways to constructively bring the Village together to work for a common goal.

We work to promote correct information to go out to our residents.

The club tries to inform residents and help them understand the government of the community.

We reach out to new residents.

Published by Friends of the Village, Laguna Woods Village, Laguna Woods, California       Founded 2010